There are no changes to this class, however a number of spells have had changes to reflect rule variations.

Mage Armor, in addition to it’s armor class bonus, also grants Damage Reduction of 2, counting as masterwork light armor.

Magic Missile has an armor Penetration of 2 and each bolt deals 1d4+3 now. Melf’s Acid Arrow as well as any spell that delivers kinetic damage, such as Mordienkenen’s Sword, Force Lance etc also penetrate 2 armor.

All offensive, fire based attacks (such as Fireball, Scorching Ray, Burning Hands, even Meteor Swarm) have the additional effect of causing a character to catch on fire if the attack is not dodged. This fire damage is 1d6+1 and ignores protection from armor, lasting for an additional round for normal fire with +1 round per point of caster Intelligence bonus for magical fire.

Protection from Energy, the Stoneskin spell and other such magics remain unchanged.

The largest change to magic in general is that Detect Magic is passive, but the spell must be cast to narrow the area of search.

Any cold damage applied to a target also inhibits their action, giving them -2 on all physical actions and cutting their movement speed in half. The effect persists only until the end of the following round.

Subjects of electrical damage who fail to avoid the attack are Dazed for their next action.

These effects are the same for both Wizards and Sorcerers.


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