Rule Variant

Gaming in the United Kingdom of Atanasia brings with it various rule changes. Pay close attention to the following.


Race + class + armor + shield + other
All characters and creatures have base damage reduction equal to ½ their CON bonus, with a minimum of 1/-.
Armor also provides DR
Light Armor: DR 1/-
Medium Armor: DR 2/-
Heavy Armor: DR 3/-
Buckler Shields: DR 1/- (equipped arm only)
Small-Large Shields: DR 2/- (equipped arm and torso only)
Tower Shields: DR 2/- (equipped arm, torso, leg and head)
*All Armor that is Masterwork Quality gains +1 additional Damage Reduction to the main body in addition to the other effects of Masterwork Armor. Shields do not gain this bonus but are affected by increased quality otherwise.

Every character, once per turn as a reaction, may use the defense action.
Roll 1D20+Dex+BAB versus attacker’s roll. If they match or exceed the attack roll, they dodge or parry the attack. Weapons, armor and special character abilities may modify this, for instance the max dexterity modifier on armor specifically restricts a character’s ability to dodge attacks, but not parry or block them.
Characters can give up their normal standard action to perform the defense action again. Characters gain additional defensive actions in the same manner they gain additional attacks, according to their base attack bonus.

Take the standard for all classes and races but add 5 feet of additional movement if they have a +5 modifier granted from STR and DEX combined. When the combined Dex + Str bonus is +10 or higher, the character may charge an additional 10ft.

All classes use their starting hit dice and CON at full as normal. Additionally they gain +1d6 to their hit points as a variable.
Total: Class HD + CON + 1d6
Level 2-10: Warrior classes gain +3 hp per level. Rogue classes and divine casters gain +2 per level. Arcane casters gain +1 per level.
Level 11 and up: All classes gain 1 hp per level.

When below zero hit points a character is in critical wounds. The effects of this state are described below. All characters have an amount of Critical Hit Points equal to their CON bonus (minimum of 1) x2 +7. When these Hit Points are reduced to zero, the character is dead.

When a character is below one-half their total hit points they take a -2 penalty to all their actions. Additionally whenever a character is struck by a critical hit they may make an immediate FORTITUDE save (DC: 5 + Damage Received) or take an additional -2. These effects stack. Also, characters at below one-half their hit points have their movement score reduced by 5 and lose 5 additional feet of movement every time they take a critical hit unless they passed their FORTITUDE save.
Wound penalties such as these heal naturally for 1 point and 5 feet of movement per hour of rest or if cared for by someone using a Heal check (DC: 15). Magical healing will also remove these effects as soon as they bring the character back above one half their total hit points.

Characters can continue to act when at zero or lower hit points, but the dangers are grave. First, all penalties to actions are increased to -8 and the character cannot take any move actions aside their 5ft step, which takes their entire action to perform. Characters at 0 or lower HP can also only take one standard attack action and they may not use the All-Out Attack stance. Casting spells under these conditions requires a Concentration Check (DC equal to spell level plus ten, in addition to the -8 for performing actions while in critical hit points). The character is near death and barely crawling along. Damage suffered while in this state, if not immediately fatal, often has lasting effects. When hit location has been determined, consider the target area completely ruined. Attacks to the arm might cleave off a hand, a leg could be completely severed or crushed into a pulpy mess, the character could lose an eye or any other such rather permanent and unpleasant things may happen.
The normal bleeding rules still apply to critical hit points as well, a character must stabilize or they will die of blood loss.

Player characters are special, so there. Once per turn you may spend a fate point to produce one of a various amount of effects by invoking the power of your destiny. Fate points refresh every game session so no need to be too stingy. However there are effects that can “burn” fate, however rare they may be.
All PC’s start with a random number of Fate Points as determined here:

Roll 1d10
Roll Result
1-2 1 fate
3-6 2 fate
7-8 3 fate
9 4 fate
10 5 fate

Fate Spending Effects (These points return every game session)
Reroll one non-damage roll
Gain + 3 to any roll (must declare before rolling)
Heal 1d6 + 1 Hit Points (may be at any time)
Give another character + 2 to their next roll (must declare before, and any number of characters within vocal distance of the target may also add a bonus similarly)
Switch initiative with another willing character
Immediately stabilize when in Critical Hit Points.

Fate Burning Effects (single fate point is gone and will never refresh)
Declare a Natural 20 on any roll (may declare any time)
If killed, the point instead negates further critical effects and puts the character at 0 Hit Points. However they are unconscious for the rest of the encounter.
Gain some sort of divine guidance (Hey, GM…wtf am I supposed do?!?!?)
Cause your next successful attack to inflict full damage, ignore DR and all resistances (must be declared at the beginning of your turn. As an aside, the character can on one turn use this ability, and then on their next turn, burn another to declare a natural 20).

All-Out Attack
You go berserk, basically. This is a full action, the character gains +4 to attack and +2 to damage but cannot use defensive actions at all. The damage bonus of this action is not multiplied by critical hits.

Full Defense
Bracing for the worst, you shore up your defenses. Full action, gain an additional defensive action and all opponents are -4 to attack you in melee.

Fight Defensively
Taking a cautious stance you probe your opponent for weakness. This is a move equivalent action. Opponents are -2 on attacks targeting you, but you are -4 on all attack rolls.

This is not a stance, but listed here because it is another option to the normal Standard Attack and Full Attack actions. You take a -2 to your attack rolls but you may use your Defensive Actions to protect one adjacent character.

Not a stance, but an effect. Can only be done while Charging, in the All-Out Attack Stance or while using Standard Attack and Full Attack. When you successfully attack, if you beat your opponent’s Armor Class by 5 or more you deal +3 damage. This damage is not multiplied by critical hits.

Rule Variant

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