In the long history of Atanasia and its neighbors, there have been few attempts to seize the crown. Most of them are well-documented, but one stands out to the apt student of history, for it appears as a blank splotch, stricken from existence. For centuries, many historians have asked the question, “What became of the Mallius?”
The Valta family once had bannermen who ruled the land of rivers now called Denisan. The Mallius were they and they held many castles and were masters of the waves. Also great warriors, the Mallius were also praised for their victories and rewarded well by their Valta lords. This however did not satisfy Lord Mallius. Nothing would ever satisfy Lord Mallius. In the family’s quest for perfection, to wield both iron and fire as they call it, they captured the Atana’s heir and demanded he abdicate the throne. It was a hard fight, but eventually the heir was rescued and the Mallius defeated, but it took nothing short of the most deft Sokars and most invincible Northmen to accomplish. And all would have been for naught had Primo Dorissi not fought the Mallius to a standstill on the rivers, choking off their supply.
The Valta exiled the Mallius and their close ally, the Talney from the continent. They took their ships and sailed away, most believed never to be seen again.
The truth is they found islands to the north, even past the edges of The Grin and settled there. Natives lived in such a place, tall creatures with bizarre hair and eye color and pointed ears. The Mallius thought them ancient Oltarrans, but soon found them to be a lost tribe from an ancient tale Lord Mallius knew; a tale of demon warriors who washed over the land many centuries ago but were finally driven away by a great giant. These folk were called the Gerristal and were quickly adopted by the Mallius. Over the centuries their islands, named Zefas after the first Mallius lord, prospered and their ships would plunder the edges of Denisan and at times reach beyond to lands unknown to the rest of the continent.
The Talney, Mallius and Gerristal have an odd relationship. It is clear the Mallius lead and even though the Gerristal bent their knee they still maintain the islands belong to them. There are still secrets to these lands, secrets of the leavings of the Gerristal’s lost tribe and the Mallius are not wont to gain the ire of their hosts so they allow them this small point of pride. The Talney are against this idea. They have no large quarrel with their Gerristal companions, but they believe that absolute loyalty must be enforced. They have been the Mallius’ ally for a hundred years before their exile. When the Valta banished their comrades, the Talney left with them, even though not commanded such was their loyalty. For this they have always been held in high esteem by their Lords and neighbors.
Racial Bonus:+1 Strength
Climb and Swim and always class skills for you, gain one free rank in each
Mallius (Black Dragon over a Scepter of Fire) “Iron and Fire”
Gerristal (A Bloodied Eye) “Blood for Asvarsha!” (Asthatcha)
Talney (The Water Hammer Forging Waves on a Stone Anvil) “Hold…and Strike”

Bloodline Feats
Mallius Blood: +1 to all melee attack rolls (this changes the rate of attacks gained from BAB), +4 HP
Zefas Mallius was a dangerous man. Ambitious, cunning, strong and ruthless he was an unstoppable force. His words were Iron and Fire for he slew any beast that came into his path with both these things. It is a tale told in Zefas that it was he who slew the great dragon Glimgular, the Fire of the Sky. His fortitude, strength and will to conquer is in your blood.
Way of Mallius (New Feat)
Prerequisite: Mallius Blood, Level 4
Benefit: Opponent’s natural armor is negated by your attacks. Your damage cannot be mitigated in any way, even by magic.

Gerristal Blood: You do not suffer penalties from range when making ranged attacks
Old blood calls to the Gerristal. They live in small villages and perfect their arts, living small lives. When they are called to battle by their lords, they become a vicious beast with an insatiable thirst for violence. Over time their blood has diluted, nearly been forgotten by their neighbors, but they forever live to their traditions, no matter how monstrous they may be.
Way of Gerristal (New Feat)
Prerequisite: Gerristal Blood, Level 4
Benefit: Gain +2 to Survival Rolls, Point Blank Shot (or any feat branching off if you possess this skill).

Talney Blood: Gain an additional Defensive Action
In their time, the Talney family ruled land where the mountains of Denisan watch from the north, Longriver was once their great city. A hardy people with a bit of Northman blood they have a hard pride to them that can make interacting with their like disagreeable at times, but once you have gained their respect, makes them unflinchingly loyal to you. There have been times where even a Lorinsa has said, “There is no better ally than a Talney.” The strategists and support soldiers that aid the Mallius, they are a tough lot who can keep their heads calm in battle, allowing them to regularly engage multiple enemies at once.
Way of Talney (New Feat)
Prerequisite: Talney Blood, Level 4
Benefit: +2 to Spot checks, gain DR: 2/-


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