The southeast swamps are home to a collection of unlikely people. Several centuries ago a thief named Dryst Ragwell came there while fleeing the Atana magistrates. Dryst found the location ideal to the task of eluding the lawmen with its many high trees and inhospitable terrain. After a month of hiding he eventually came across small pockets of other criminals who had similarly hid themselves as well as a strange and stern folk who claimed to be the rightful landowners. These groups joined together under Dryst’s charismatic persona to remain hidden as none of them wished to be captured or bothered by the Atana. Unfortunately as time passed a Norgaard explorer ventured into the swamps with the intention of mapping them. Dryst acted quickly to steer them away when this explorer came across his people’s small encampments, claiming they were a group of vacationing actors weary of modern life. To keep their farce they were forced to perform for their guests. The northmen were so impressed that word spread far and wide of what they saw there and more and more people sought out the performers of the swamp.
Dryst quickly took advantage of the situation and organized his people into three groups. His line, the Ragwells would be the leaders and head the acting troupe. The original inhabitants, the Vormav would be in charge of seeing to it that none would bring oppression to their community. They acted as both enforcer and soldier. Lastly the smaller criminal groups were all consolidated into what is now known as the Sliphands, their task being to make certain all visitors to Ragwell lands would freely spend their coin, and if not, to lighten their purses in other ways.
Thus Vofar was born. The thieves built gambling and performing houses and legitimized their business, opening their borders to all who wished to brave the swamps and indulge their tastes.
Racial Bonuses: +1 Charisma
Tumble and Bluff are always class skills for you, gain one free rank in each
Ragwell (The Ace of Scepters) “Sin for Me”
Vormav (A Six-Pointed Star where the Points appear as Lightning Bolts) “Love Not”
Sliphands (The Crossed Stolen Key and Dagger) “Vice is golden.”

Bloodline Feats
Ragwell Blood: Immune to Enchantment Spell effects, can use Knowledge: Local in any region
Dryst was a true character. Immortalized in plays and tales passed down generation after generation, his blood flows strong in Vofar to this day. Those who he watches over find that they have an indominatible will and are savvy no matter where they travel.
Way of Ragwell (New Feat)
Prerequisite: Ragwell Blood, Level 4
Benefit: +2 on Bluff checks, you may use Invisibility as a natural ability once per day as a sorcerer of your level.

Vormav Blood: You know it when someone is lying to you, but this ability does not tell you the truth
The original inhabitants of Vofar, the Vormav are a stern folk but are not lacking in wit, however dry it may be to their Ragwell and Sliphands cousins. They enjoy puzzles and other games that require a clever mind and are most often in the company of Dryst’s descendants as they are entertained by Ragwell attempts at trickery no matter how transparent they may be to them. Later in Vofar’s history, the Vormav also become the most likely to strike out beyond their borders as they can just as easily become weary of the Ragwell and Sliphand’s hedonism.
Way of Vormav (New Feat)
Prerequisite: Vormav Blood, Level 4
Benefit: +2 to initiative, gain +1 to hit and damage versus any opponent with a lower initiative score than you.

Sliphands Blood: +2 to Sleight of Hand and Disable Device
The sons of all thieves as they are known, the Sliphands family runs most of the rackets in Vofar. When they travel it is most often to seek fortune in one criminal activity or another. They will gouge on prices, slip in hidden fees or outright mug you in an alley; regardless they are getting their due, for their family and glory of Vofar.
Way of Sliphands (New Feat)
Prerequisite: Sliphands Blood, Level 4
Benefit: Gain the Combat Reflexess or Quick Draw feat. +2 to Intimidation, Bluff and Profession: Merchant.


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