Heraldry: The Black Stallion rearing on it’s legs over a red field
Family Motto: Know your Heart
Valta the Brave was a maiden of incredible virtue and courage. She was a warrior in the truest sense, a figure of action surrounded by thinkers and philosophers. She and her charger, Thundercrack, were a terrible sight to behold, crushing all in her path. It was not until she met the Wiseman and gained temperance that she became beloved by the people however.

Since swearing fealty to the Atana, the Valta family has become the strength of the south, their cavalry able to project force over the vastness of the realm. In war or peace the Valta horse lords are a favorite site of the people, for the thunder of their hooves and flash of their blades bring hope and justice to all.

Current Ruler: Lady Teriza Valta, the Silent Judge.
Her Husband: Lord Malifus Valta, brother to Gelam Dorrissi of Denisan

Her General: Rakard Valta, the White General


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