The Unified Kingdom of Atanasia

“Eternity is a joke of the Gods.”
-Atana the Wise

“The Atanasian Kingdom has existed for nearly seven hundred years under the watchful eye of the Atana Dynasty. Long ago Atana the Wise founded a city like no other, raising the White Walls of Atanasia and setting his followers down a path of prosperity. Many times its borders have expanded, enveloping outsiders and bringing them into the Enlightened Realm so that all mankind might live in peace.

The central region of the kingdom is the Atana Plain, where sits the city of Atanasia. The serene terrain and pleasant weather reflect the folk who make this place their home. To the northwest lies Fortress Valta, home of the trusted warriors who defend the honor of the realm. To the south east is the home of the Magara, mystics and sorcerers that follow the line of the Wise Man’s bother. It was in those old days that Magara and Valta swore alliegiance to Atana in the center of the plains.

Surrounding the plains are regions many and varied. The lands of Norgaard lie to the north beyond the God’s Grin, the great mountains that separate the Atana Plain from the clutch of Winter. To the west of the plain is the great Autumn Leaf Forest, Barenette, a land in the embrace of the two great rivers, the Blue Rise and the Green Fork. Barenette is the bread basket of the kindom and spans from the Grin down to the northern edge of Black Bog. In those southern lands of swamps and rivers is the province of Sokar, ruled by the mysterious Black Devils and their vassals. To the east of the plain is Denisan, a mix of terrain both wonderous and unforgiving. This land is ruled by the River Lords, who keep trade along the waterways safe. South of Denisan is Vofar, a large forested marshland that hides cities of legendary avarice.

The subjects of each region are loyal to the crown, knowing they are ruled by benevolent and enlightened monarchs. However, no body is formed merely on rhetoric alone; Atanasia exists in a careful balance. Barnette farms the food for nearly all the continent, Denisan transports it along the rivers while the Atana account for every last grain. Sokar is the land of learning, where others go for instruction on everything from the most basic farming task to the incredible design of machinery while it is in Vofar that nobles and commoners alike travel to so they may induldge and set their worried free. It is only Norgaard that few outside their borders know the true purpose of.

For hundreds of years it has been, for an eternity it shall be."

-An Overview of the Unified Kingdom of Atanasia, Yarley Atana, Lord of Hawkholme

The Unified Kingdom of Atanasia

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