A rigid and flat land in the southwest, Sokar is uncompromising but warm, like its people. Though there seem to be two different races of Sokar, the fairer skinned, like those of the Vindahl and the darker skinned Tendahl. The Grimmdahl family is the eldest of them, and they are the landed rulers, but the Vindahl are the government—they run everything. This has been for hundreds of years and in that time the Tendahl have nearly become a second class of citizens. There are many outside of Sokar that forget the Grimmdahl even exist it has been so long since they have stepped into public view.
Sokar is a land of southern marshes and northern forests. Three great rivers run through Sokar’s length, eventually crossing and forming an enormous delta at the southern tip of the peninsula the nation sits on. It is on this delta that the city of Sokar itself is built.
The dark and light folk both participate in a guild that encompasses nearly all of Sokar’s citizens. Each Sokar is a professional in their own rite. They sell their talents as craftsmen, consultants, diplomats, lawyers and many other professions, even teaching skills needed in certain regions. The Sokar are free with their knowledge pertaining to their profession, but often they travel far and wide so they can learn news and secrets, keeping the information close until the proper time.
Racial Bonuses: +1 to any Stat
Gain the Skill Focus Feat in any skill pertaining to the increased stat, gain one free rank in Profession
Vindahl (Three Daggers under Atana’s Jeweled Crown) “Knives are Crowns”
Grimmdahl (A False Helm over crossed Scepter and Broken Sword) “Subtle Strikes, Deadly Words”
Tendahl (The Slashed, Bloodsworn Hand) “We are Sworn”

Bloodline Feats
Vindahl Blood: +2 to intimidation, may reroll a Charisma based check once per session.
When Lord Grimmdahl was granted Sokar by the Atana he was supplied with an adjunct to deal with the day to day affairs of his lands. Grimmdahl was not adverse to this order, for he had many goals to accomplish in his lands and beyond. So it was left to a simple clerk to do as was necessary. It was not long however until this man was assassinated and replaced with one of Grimmdahl’s most trusted servants, a man who was simply called Vindahl. It took a strong will to rule Sokar for his lord and Vindahl became practiced in the arts of persuasion and coercion and as well became highly resilient to the assassination attempts of his peers. The Vindahl continue to look after Sokar in the name of their lord because they have yet to be deposed, and that is the only way they would have it.

Way of Vindahl (New Feat)
Prerequisite: Vindahl Blood, Level 4
Benefit: +2 to Fortitude saves. A number of times per day equal to your DEX bonus you maybe move half your speed again after you have successfully made a melee attack.

Tendahl Blood: +2 to Disguise, can use the Ventriloquism spell once per day as a Sorcerer equal to your character level.
In the northern areas of Sokar there is a swamp where it is said the Black Devils of the Bog reside. The Tendahl family represents the original inhabitants of the Sokar peninsula. Skin as black as night, deft fingers and quick minds they are the hand of Lord Grimmdahl himself, who is said to be one of their number in secret. Despite their clearly unique appearance, the Tendahl have developed the ability to hide their features so well they can appear as anyone they like. Experts in disguise and infiltration, the Tendahl, also known as the Bloodsworn Hand, are Lord Grimmdahls favored agents.
Way of Tendahl (New Feat)
Prerequisite: Tendahl Blood, Level 4
Benefit: +2 Spot, +5 AC, +1 to dodge, gain the Poison Use feat.

Grimmdahl Blood: +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence
If one is a part of the Grimmdahl bloodline, then they are the Lord of Sokar. Few live today that can make such claim and only one dares to for he is Sapus Grimmdahl, the Black Devil himself. It is the duty of every Grimmdahl to challenge his elder for the lordship and then forget their name and former life, for they are now who they have killed, the one Grimmdahl, the Lord of Sokar. The first Grimmdahl was said to be fair skinned and descended from the Itrasi of Atanasia and true or not, the current lord is neither of these things.
Note: If a player wishes to be a Grimmdahl, the above must be considered carefully. Only the most ambitious and cunning of individuals can live up to the legacy the former lords (and secretly ladies, in rare cases) have left behind.
Way of Grimmdahl (New Feat)
Prerequisite: Grimmdahl Blood, Level 4
Benefit: +2 to Hide and Move Silently. You deal 1D6 additional damage from surprise and all your attacks from surprise or a flanking position give your opponents a -2 fatigue penalty.


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