The land of Eric’s blood is cold and hard. The only thing more stern and unforgiving is its people. Norgaard sits on the ice crown of the north on the other side of the God’s Gap from Atanasia. Its land is white with small pine forests and frozen rivers too few and far between to even be called sparse. The folk of the north manage a living nonetheless, the ore they mine from the mountains purchasing their lives winter after winter.
As a result of their hard lives, the people of Norgaard are as hardy and fearless as they come. They are large, muscular and tend to wear furs. The folk of the north are always quick to argue and fight, but also quick to defend their friends for they know they cannot survive alone. Norgaard folk are explorers by nature however, and though they are combative, they are also curious. Their ancestor’s left Atanasia long ago in search of adventure and the blood still runs thick within them.
Racial Bonuses: +1 Constitution
Survival and Intimidation are always class skills for you, gain one free rank in each
Volsong (A Bounding Wolf clinching a Scepter in its Teeth) “Break the Night”
Wintermoon (A White Moon in a Snow Storm) “Warmth our Savior”
Blitzin (A Lightning Touched Sword) “Kiss the Lightning”

Bloodline Feats
Volsong Blood: Immune to diseases, geases and curses, can declare full damage once per encounter, must declare before roll is made.
Those who bare Eric’s blood are a hardy lot. They face the darkness and do not flinch, they take the blows that would kill other men and deal out retribution with their courage and righteousness. The Volsong have lead Norgaard since its inception as the Winter Kings. A long line of valor and warrior prowess is their proud heritage. To break the night is their task, one they shall perish from before relenting.
Way of Volsong (New Feat)
Prerequisite: Volsong Blood, Level 4
Benefit: If your enemy successfully defended your last attack, gain your level as a bonus to your next attack roll. You gain +2 to all physical damage rolls.

Wintermoon Blood: never effected by cold weather, ½ damage from cold magic attacks, may automatically succeed on a survival roll once per day
It is said that a lady of the Volsong was lost in the snowdrifts for many days and nights, each passing sunrise her strength ebbed a little more until she was certain she would face her death. It was then that she met the great spirit of the polar bear and laid with the noble beast. Their offspring were conceived and then a year hence, born under the new moon of winter, giving them their name. When the children ventured out they eventually arrived in the court of the Winter King and were known by him immediately. The Wintermoon have hence been staunch allies of the Volsong and have aided all of Norgaard in their fight for survival.
Way of Wintermoon (New Feat)
Prerequisite: Wintermoon Blood, Level 4
Benefit: Gain +2 to any Knowledge skill. Once per encounter you may adjust a single DC by 5, you can use this ability a number of times per day equal to your Wisdom Bonus.

Blitzin Blood: +5 to movement speed, gain +2 to damage on charge attacks
The lightning strike is one of the greatest omens of fortune in Norgaard. It is the gift of their gods; the proof that they are not forgotten by the heavens, for the lightning breaks the darkness and smites those who follow its blasphemous ways. A young man once came to Norgaard as lightning struck the land all around Flogeru castle. He made a challenge that he would sweep the darkness away from the Winter King’s court, as the wind sweeps the snow, he declared he was the lightning itself. The next day in battle the young man charged the encroaching blackness alone and where ever his axe fell, so did the heavens answer with lightning. When all was done, the Winter King named the young man Blitzin and gave him lands to the east. Since that day, the Winter Kings have favored their vassals who take their name for the lightning itself, for they keep the darkness at bay.
Way of Blitzin (New Feat)
Prerequisite: Blitzin Blood, Level 4
Benefit: When charging, you may take an additional -3 penalty to your AC (for a total of -5) and give up all your defenses for the round. If you do, you have a 10ft reach and an additional standard attack that benefits from your charge.


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