Heraldry: A Plain Crown with a single eye over it
Family Motto: Know the Wise
The man named Magara was brother to Atana the Wise. Legend has it that while Atana understood the wisdom of the world merely by perceiving it, Magara learned secrets beyond the scope of man’s intelligence. These secrets were said to be given to him by the gods, granting him visions and the power to wield fire as a man wields a sword or bow. The younger brother, Magara was loyal to Atana and stood by him in the Dark Ages, when men were little more than barbarous beasts. He used his power to aid his brother and together they forged a kingdom worthy of mankind.

When the killers, pirates and raiders of the land were subdued and Atana was crowned King, Magara stood aside with purpose. He did not wish the blood he shared with his brother to become cause for discontent. His sacrifice in giving up any right to rule is honored yearly in Spring, during the Planting Festival in Barenette. As the Browning’s seed the earth, giving up what was earned to bring about new life, so does the rest of the kingdom remember that Magara loved his brother so much that he would devote himself to service. The process by which the Magara find their rulers is intertwined with their history. The current lord is the closest brother to the king and undergoes a ritual that changes the very nature of his blood to that of Magara himself. This strips their royal claim and grants them the mystical power the family is known for.

The Magara family holding is Grey Rock, a large manse protected by various forts positioned around it that use the local terrain to block the approach of an army. Grey Rock has stood since Magara had it built and has never felt the fires of war.

Current Leader: Duke Tenras Magara, the White Wizard.
His Wife: Duchess Content Not Found: milika-magara, formerly of the Talney.
Their Children: Talik, Fiedas, Georgia

Castellan: Content Not Found: eoran-magara, the Grey Rock Hermit


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