The Tale of Grimmdhal is an interesting one. He was a man, who many believe was originally of Atanasia, that aided Atana the Wise in many various ways. He brought information were none was thought to be gained, he presented ideas that were unorthodox if not well-constructed and he could see any cat or assassin as it stalked, no matter how clever they believed themselves. After saving his Lord’s life from an knife in the night, Grimmdhal was granted a parcel of land to the south west called Sokar. It would be his duty to bring to the people into Atana’s kingdom so they two could enjoy an enlightened life.

Though, many speculate that perhaps it was Grimmdhal himself who sent the killer, so he could save the king. As much a plot to gain favor as it was to leave the limelight of the Wiseman’s Court, or perhaps being sent to Sokar was punishment.

Regardless of the true purpose, Grimmdhal ventured south and found a people who did not wish anything to change. And thus, the new lord (who no one recognized as their lord) went about enhancing the quality of life. There are many who believe he raised the quality of life by making it a scarce commodity, but most contend that he merely showed them the difference between their lives and those who live in Atanasia.

Time passed and eventually Grimmdhal learned who the leaders of the various tribes were, he immediately favored one group over the other, granting them all while denying the other. However, Grimmdhal would not favor the group he wished control over. He used jealousy and duplicitous tactics to endebt others to him, then thank him for it.

Many musical plays have been written on the matter and they are all full of foolery, often making Grimmdhal out to be a loveable rogue, but there is one The Dance of Midnight that depicts him as a Black Devil, murdering in the night and turning friends on one another until only those who feared his long knives remained.

Current Ruler: Sepan Grimmdhal
His Late Wife: Gwenlaith Grimmdhal, of the Volsong

Their Son: Serefus Grimmdhal


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