The land of Rivers has a varied geography. Northern mountains, southern hills, eastern shore and western forest mark the land. Denisan city is guarded by small fort towns called the Four Brothers where each takes its name from one of these geographical aspects. Far to the northeast past the forests is the city of Longriver, Denisan’s major industrial center. Also called the City of Ash for the soft grey rain that falls from the factory smoke stacks, it is here where experiments of iron, steam and wood are born into the world.
The Denisan people are a gregarious lot. They sing songs of ale, songs of ships, songs of wenches and songs of battle. They are often more comfortable fighting on the deck of a ship than horseback, but their natural sense of balance is enough to see them through fighting on land as well as sea. Denisan is said to have been founded by a pirate, and many of the people today seem to take more pride in that than perhaps they should, regardless of the truth, Denisan is a place of both danger and thrill whether you sail the rivers or the coast.
Racial Bonuses: +1 Dexterity
Swim and Rope Use are always class skills for you, gain one free rank in each
Dorrissi (A Long Ship Resting on crossed Oar and Scepter) “The hand that feeds is harsh”
Fendry (A Ship Fighting the Waves, Firing a Ballista) “Fight the Wave”
Blackwater (A Black Moon over a Black Sea) “Night is Near”

Bloodline Feats
Dorrissi Blood: Speak with water creatures/spirits/elementals, +2 on Profession: Sailor rolls, +2 on Use Rope checks
Primo Dorrissi was a businessman at heart, but his fate was greater than mere gold. He was a peerless sailor, not only for his natural talents, but because he knew the rivers better than any mortal man. His ties to the water ways brought him allies in the form of sprites and water nymphs and to this day his descendants can speak to them.
Way of Dorrissi (New Feat)
Prerequisite: Dorrissi Blood, Level 4
Benefit: +2 to Balance, +1 to dodge/Reflex Saves, gain the Uncanny Dodge ability (this increases to Improved Uncanny Dodge if you already possess the feat, when you possess both, gain an additional dodge reaction).

Fendry Blood: You cannot be denied your full dexterity bonus so long as you are conscious (this includes armor penalties), your first attack against an opponent you have not previously attacked this combat takes no penalty regardless of circumstances/conditions/effects.
The Fendry were a family of river merchants once in rivalry with the Dorrissi, but their sense of refinement never allowed them to delve into piracy. That their influence still rivaled Dorrissi speaks volumes of their tenacity. The Fendry are the primary force of marines in Denisan’s military. When war comes to the land of rivers, it is they who are on the frontlines, fighting with courage and unorthodox tactics alike.
Way of Fendry (New Feat)
Prerequisite: Fendry Blood, Level 4
Benefit: Gain +2 to damage when flanking. You gain the Throw Anything feat.

Blackwater Blood: +2 to move silent and hide checks, lowlight vision
The Blackwater bloodline is descended from Lady Calista Dorrissi, Primo’s granddaughter. After the founding of Denisan under the Atana kings, Calista carried on the tradition of underhanded tactics and piracy. A free spirit, she was as adventurous as she was ruthless, her black ships came in the night and took as they will. For her actions on behalf of Denisan she was awarded the name Blackwater and tasked with being the protector of the Rivers. To this day her descendants carry on the traditions of stealth and night attacks, riding the riverlands of unscanctioned pirates.
Way of Blackwater (New Feat)
Prerequisite: Blackwater Blood, Level 4
Benefit: +2 to Swim checks, you take no penalties for using Hide or Move Silent in difficult terrain, including water. Improvised weapons count as martial weapons for you and may inflict lethal damage.


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