Heraldry: The Rising Sun over a Wheatfield
Family Motto: The Land our Savior
Jon Browning is known in history as the man who laid with nature. There are many versions of the tale, where some literally believe he entered the earth body in whole and emerged one day with his potent abilities, while others say that he became mother nature’s own lover and stole her powers for himself. Whatever the case may truely be, it s clear the Brownings are tied to the land they live on.
The Brownings are a practical family of farmers, landed nobility they may be, but they have never forgotten their simpler roots. Ages ago, the territory of Barenette was a wasteland where nothing grew, even the Autumn Leaf forest was dying slowly, it’s treeline receeding into nothingness. This changed the day Jon Browning came and called upon the spirits of nature, forcing the southern river, the then-named Blue River to flow up into the mountains, filling the flat and parched land with life.
Over time, engineers from Sokar and Denisan have come over the years and built various aqueducts and aided the river’s flow, but it is the Browning’s connections and devotion to the land that keeps the fields fertile.

The Browning rule from Autumn Den, their castle which sits on the border of the forest from which it takes its name.

Current Ruler: Lord Selnus Browning
His Wife: Lady Delia Browning, cousin of Itrasi Dorrissi

Their Heir: Jonah Browning, the Champion of Valor


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