The farming nation to the west, Barenette produces over 30% of the continent’s food. In order to continue and exceed this monstrous effort, the Browning family keeps a tight leash on its folk. This is not unappreciated by their subjects however as the Barenette take pride in their work. People of the land, the Barenette know how to divide their time between work and recreation.
Barenette’s geography is simple. There is the never ending Autumnleaf Forest that surges across the land from the northwest, meeting the Blue Rise as it flows uphill from Atanasia to the southeast. As the river travels through Barenette and eventually hooks and exits into Sokar due south, the banks create a cradle of the most fertile land in the world. It is said that the original Browning came and changed the flow of the Blue Rise with his will alone so that the land would live again.
The task of managing the sheer amount of product Barenette can produce is daunting and for that the people are forever trusting in Atanasia to take stock of their accounts.
The Brownings are the lords of Barenette. They are a fair and wise folk who understand the meaning of sacrifice and are often reserved. However, when in the revelry of celebration they can be counted on to cut loose completely. Descended from the man who turned Barenette from a wasteland into the land of plenty it is today, the Browning study the land and understand better than any other how to raise crops and livestock, predict the weather and prepare for the worst nature has to offer. If the Brownings understand sacrifice, it is the Fairfields who understand duty. This family is responsible for the guarding of Barnette’s food stores and patrolling its fields. They are also most often called upon by Atanasia when trouble arises and soldiers are levied from Barnette. The Lorinsa live on the border with Sokar to the south and as a result are well versed in their neighbor’s customs and trickery. The Lorinsa family is ever suspicious, but they are generally polite—often even inviting enemies into their famous castles along the Blue Rise.
Racial Bonuses: +1 Wisdom
Knowledge: Nature and Appraisal are always class skills for you, gain one free rank in each
Browning (A Rising Yellow Sun behind a Grain Field) “The Land is Life”
Fairfield (Silver Light over a Flower Field) “The Skies are Free”
Lorinsa (A Castle on a Blue River) “We watch the Rise”

Bloodline Feats
Browning Blood: Can speak with Plants, gain +1 DR and +5 AC if you are wearing light armor.
The first Browning smiles upon you and considers you his own kin. You have an innate sense of nature’s moods and in some cases can truly hear the song of the world in your ear, understanding the words themselves. It is this mysterious power that has led the Brownings to their great successes in agriculture. The Brownings are also brave men who know what it means to stand against adversity.
Way of Browning (New Feat)
Prerequisite: Browning Blood, Level 4
Benefit: +2 to Survival and Wilderness Lore Checks. You may cast the Goodberry and Shillelagh spells once per day each as if you were a druid of equal level to you character level.

Fairfield Blood: +5ft of movement, +2 on Jump and Balance checks
Fairfields are born of a Browning and a sylph, if legends are to be believed. The fae was a lusty and willful creature that would run and leap like an acrobat through vast meadows. This particular part of their heritage is unquestioned. The Fairfields have no true place to call their own, preferring to treat all of Barnette as their home. They roam fields and forests freely, satisfying both their curiosity and their duty as watchmen. Of the three bloodlines in Barnette it is the Fairfields that are most often trained as soldiers as they are willing volunteers and able learners.
Way of Fairfield (New Feat)
Prerequisite: Fairfield Blood, Level 4
Benefit: +2 on Tumble and Climb checks. If you successfully Tumble (DC 20) as your move action, gain +2 to attack and damage until the beginning of your next turn, even if you did not actually move anywhere.

Lorinsa Blood: +1 to Will saves, perfect sense of direction, once per encounter you may use the Aid action as a move equivalent.
There is perhaps no better ally to have than a Lorinsa. They may not be the wise Atana, the courageous Valta or insightful Itrasi, but they know how to make use of themselves in nearly any situation. They are the perfect adjunct, not as skilled as many but they understand how to support their comrades. This serves them well in warfare and the defense of their famous and beautiful castles. When a Lorinsa sets out to aid his allies, they quickly become an efficient and well-oiled machine. Because of their specific talent, the Lorinsa are prized as laborers and rank-and-file soldiers, though they rarely leave Barnette.
Way of Lorinsa (New Feat)
Prerequisite: Lorinsa Blood, Level 4
Benefit: When you are using the aid action, you grant your comrade a bonus equal to one half your level +1. When you succeed on a Will save versus Fear, you may grant an ally within 30ft a +2 to their roll.


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