Atanasia is the rich heart of the continent. The great city is surrounded by fertile plains, wide rivers and shaded by lazy clouds. Sitting in the center of the Atana plain, Atanasia is the seat of the Atana’s power, where Atana XXV rules and his subjects continue to perfect art and culture. In the city are many important sites, such as the home of Atana the Wise, the three towers of office and the Hall of Justice, headquarters of the Atana Magistrates. The Atanasian people are wise and quick witted, never lacking in ideas and solutions. This makes them able businessmen, magistrates and soldiers, and well suited to rule the vast kingdom of their ancestors.
Atanasia processes the vast bureaucracy of the kingdom, sorting and collecting taxes and facilitating the operation of roadways, canals and other services provided by the royal government. In recent years they have also been responsible for Barnette’s accounts of harvest and have seen to the distribution of the agri-state’s food surplus. The Atana are also well known for their fine ale, wine and liquor.
Atana the Wise founded the city that would one day be the center of the world. Atanasians, regardless of blood, are insightful folk who are rarely unprepared when chaos strikes. The Atana themselves are great thinkers who are able to account for nearly any circumstance. The Valta are the spirited horse to the Atana’s wise owl, though their minds are sharp, they prefer to test them in the unpredictable forge of action. The Magara are use their mystic powers to always remain on guard for their betters.
Racial Bonuses: +1 intelligence
Search and Sense Motive are always class skills for you, gain one free rank in each.
Atana (The Jeweled Crown over crossed Scepter and Olive Branch) “Know your Mind”
Valta (The Black Stallion rearing on it’s legs over a red field) “Know your Heart”
Magara (A Plain Crown with a single eye over it) “Know the Wise”

Bloodline Feats
Atana Blood: +1 Wisdom, SR: 10 +1 at level 3, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 18 and 20
Your blood is that of the Wiseman himself and with his blessings there are few mysteries you cannot unravel. Atana characters make excellent soldiers, magistrates, bodyguards, scholars and administrators. They are most known as lawmen, for the famous Atana Magistrates are well praised for their precision and success.
Way of Atana (New Feat)
Prerequisite: Atana Blood, Level 4
Benefit: +5 to AC, +2 to Search and Sense Motive. Your first attack roll in an encounter gains +2 to hit and damage.

Valta Blood: Gain +2 on Diplomacy and +1 on Fortitude and Will saves
The courage and charisma of the stallion and fox run true in your veins. All who meet you remember your deeds. The Valta are intelligent and willing; skilled warriors who practice cavalry tactics and know no fear on the battlefield. They make excellent leaders but can often be overzealous.
Way of Valta (New Feat)
Prerequisite: Valta Blood, Level 4
Benefit: +2 to Diplomacy, You are Fearless, +2 to ride checks. You may add your Charisma bonus to any roll, once per encounter.

Magara Blood: Choose either the Spell Penetration or Iron Will Feats
Magara was the Wiseman’s own brother, a man of stern will and powerful mystic talents. Those who follow his ways are given to insightful knowledge and have a great capacity for breaking down opponents, whether with words or spells. They guard the south, in the lands bordering Sokar and it is their unswerving minds that keep the southerners in check.
Way of Magara (New Feat)
Prerequisite: Magara Blood, Level 4
Benefit: Gain +2 on Spellcraft and Knowledge: Arcana. You may reroll any saving throw vs a magical effect once per encounter.


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