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  • Tessius Atana

    Called the Green Sage as a remark on his earlier Ranger training, Tessius was the second born of his branch of the Browning tree. He grew up among the Fairfields to learn the ways of the forests and rivers, but he never seemed to be the heartiest of …

  • Selnus Browning

    The sole son of his Lord Father, Jomias Browning, Selnus grew in a caring home. His older sisters were married off in contracts as they learned courtly manner, but it would be Selnus' duty to rule Barenette and carry on the line.

  • Jonah Browning

    Born under an auspicious star Jonah was well looked after by the Fairfields and Lorinsa vassals of his parents. Taught how to work a field at a young age like all children of Barenette, Jonah was a strong and compassionate child who seemed to understand …

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