The Red Divide

A long sword with a red edge, family heirloom of the Valta Family

weapon (melee)

The Red Divide is an ancient weapon, wielded by the Valta Family leaders for nearly a thousand years. It was forged by the smith Arachius during the Dark Age, when war and death were what civilizations were measured by. When held by the Valta lord or true heir, it is said to have incredible power, such that it’s edge can cleave through solid metal with ease, destroying any armor or weapon. In the current age, the Red Divide sees battle only when the Valta ride to war, as it’s power is to be reserved for only a true need.

In the hands of another it is still a potent instrument of death, far beyond even the master craftsmanship of the famed Sokar smiths. The blade sings as it shears muscle and bone and has felled countless foes, often splitting men in two. For this alone it has earned its unsavory name.

The Red Divide

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