A halberd polearm, emblazoned with the scepter of House Volsong crossed with the Lightning of the Blitzin

weapon (melee)

Nightbreaker is a weapon wielded by the Winter Kings of Norgaard. Each has taken it into battle and all of them have been invincible with it in their hands. Heimgar Volsong did not take the sacred weapon into battle against the Valta, as he was convinced it would anger the All Father to use the weapon against mortals. Nightbreaker is a tool to defeat the darkness, the hordes of evil that slither their way out of the Grin.

Long ago, Erik Volsong traversed Norgaard and came was forced into a cave by a great blizzard. His refuge secure he heard a great lighting storm build within the blinding white, flashes of the God’s wrath shown brightly. One bolt struck a tree and the voices of Erik’s ancestors called out to him to take up the cause that would consume him and his people for the next six hundred years. He braved the storm and fought through the burnt wreckage of the tree until he found, white-hot in the snow, the great polearm Nightbreaker as it is today, as if forged by the lightning itself.

it is said that Nightbreaker can bring the light of day upon all foul creatures, searing their flesh and banishing them back to their twisted realm. A single strike from it can destroy several ghouls, fell ork and even bring demons low. The wielder is bathed in light so powerful that the darkness must flee or be destroyed.

To use this weapon upon mortal men is to invite the wrath of the gods themselves.



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