A finely sharpened, silvered blade.

weapon (melee)

The sword, Answerer, is a blade of justice said to be wielded by Hieronius himself when he came to earth during the Dark Ages. It’s said he stood in the Atana Plain for three days, defending the reflecting lake from encroaching darkness that threatened to destroy the divine wisdom that Atana the Wise was meant to find.

Answerer was gifted to Atana and he was told to keep it safe until such time as he would grant it to a one who truly holds justice in their heart. The first mortal to wield it was Atana’s grandson, Grimdin Atana, the founder of the magistrates. Wherever evil struck, Answerer was there to bring righteous justice.

The sword passed from one leader of the Atana Magistrates to the next until a woman named Serizi Valta was ordained in the Hall of Justice. Answerer would not heed her call and it was found that she had been seduced by corruption. The blade then mysteriously vanished two days later, while the houses fought over who would lead the lawmen. The church proclaimed that Hieronius had given them a test and they had failed.

Several quests have been undertaken to recover the sword, but none have ever succeeded and most of those failures have ended in tragedy for the participants. Only when Jonah Browning took up the cause for justice did the blade finally reveal itself. Now he sits as the Champion of Valor within the church of the Righteous.


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