Tessius Atana

Bookish man in his mid thirties. He has short, well-kept, bark-brown hair and woodland green eyes, betraying his Browning blood.


CG Human (Browning) Ranger 2/Courtier 6
5’8", 170lbs, Brown hair, Green eyes


Called the Green Sage as a remark on his earlier Ranger training, Tessius was the second born of his branch of the Browning tree. He grew up among the Fairfields to learn the ways of the forests and rivers, but he never seemed to be the heartiest of warriors. It would have been his duty to guard the interior of all Barenette had fate not intervened. His younger sister had been promised in a marriage contract to the Atana, but she died in a horseback riding accident in her thirteenth season. In order to keep their word to the royal house, Selnus Browning renegotiated the deal offering a much larger dowry in exchange to allow a Browning male to marry into the Atana. Tessius was chosen as there were other men who could be given the honor of defending Barenette, but few who were as handsome as he.

He wed the younger sister of Atana XXIV, becoming her third husband. The lady, Duchess Idalia Atana, is not a spring maiden, though she is not so old that bearing another child is out of the question. Tessius found in her a friend if not a true love and she trained him vigorously in the ways of politics. So he found himself soon in the Wiseman’s Court, yet instead of the lavish parties his sister would have hosted he has been mired in the day-to-day doings of the royal family, being certain every last detail is to their satisfaction. It is an arduous duty and one he does not relish, but he has adapted successfully. Many are they who seek audience with the Queen but find themselves faced with Tessius Atana, the royal Chamberlain.

Tessius Atana

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