Teriza Valta

An elderly woman with cool blue eyes and a regal, serene face. She wears man's clothing, still treading in soldier's boots after all this time.


LN Human Fighter 8/Paladin 2/Purple Dragon Knight 4
5’5" (stooped, once stood 5’9"), 107 lbs
Blue eyes, Grey hair


Teriza, unlike her forebarers, was never one for pretty words. In her prime she lead the Valta cavalry in battle against the forces of Norgaard in answer to an insult that Alrik Volsong‘s father, Heimgar levied. He claimed the Valta were a family without the purpose of vigor, continuing on to make remarks about her linage in relation to their stables. Teriza simply glared at him in the Wiseman’s court. The next day the herald’s spoke that she would answer this with her blade, allowing action to judge the Lord of Norgaard’s words. Heimgar welcomed this challenge and so Atana XXIV allowed them to settle this dispute on the field of battle.

The Valta and Volsong clashed in Norgaard’s own snowfields as Teriza would not allow a Northman to set foot in her lands. Using the swiftness of their horses, the Valta charged into Norgaard and fought the Volsong on their own ground. During the battle Teriza met Heimgar face to face and slew him without a word. The conflict was won shortly after, and many more Northmen would have died had Alrik not sacrificed his own young wife, Luinlashal Blitzin, who was his finest warrior to hold the horselords back.

Since then, none have challenged the Valta’s mettle. Teriza has led many missions of war since, mostly against the beast tribes to the east and west of Atanasia and even once as an agent of the church of the Righteous in order to purge heretics in the city of Mudfell. Her campaign record is impressive, but in later years she has slowed down a great deal, allowing her General to stand for her. Gone is the proud warrior, now there is only a woman who glares coldly into the emptiness of her throne room. Some say this change came about from laying The Red Divide to rest, while others call the birth of her children the cause. Regardless, it is clear she is a different person now, yet none would dare question her courage.

Teriza Valta

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