Tenras Magara

An older man with hawkish features and a stern demeanor.


LN Human Wizard 16
6’, 168lbs, grey eyes, grey balding hair


Tenras became lord of the Magara as most do, he was unfortunate enough to be born after the Atana heir. An intelligent man, Tenras is known for his forward thinking, even among other Atanasians. When he was a child he underwent rites that would bind his blood to the first Magara, making him unfit to carry in the Atana line. Raised and trained to be the wizard lord of the south, he had ruled his province wisely, his people never wanting.
When Atana XXIV wed for the third time, bringing Remdalia into the Atana house, he was apprehensive. The woman was quite young and he knew she would out live the king. His sudden illness came as no surprise to Tenras, and in certain circles it is no secret that he suspects Remdalia of foul play.
In recent years, Duke Magara has taken every effort to oppose the queen, working to be certain that his brother’s child lives untainted of Remdalia’s influence. He has even gone so far as to enlist the Lord of Sokar to attain this goal.

Tenras Magara

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