Sepan Grimmdhal

No one is certain what Sepan Grimmdhal really looks like, but the Wiseman's Court accepts the pale skinned and lithe figure with soft brown eyes that arrives with Sokar's heraldry from time to time.


LE Human (Sokar) Fighter 5/Courtier 6
5’11", 180lbs
Currently Blonde hair, Brown eyes


Sepan is a mysterious figure who at times is very taciturn, then immediately gregarious. Some think him mad, as if there is more than one mind at work within his head. He has been known to be unrecognizable by merely changing his posture and mannerisms, yet one can be absolutely certain it is him if he so wishes it, whether he is wearing a gown or plate.

Sepan is a friend to the royal family and is often seen in counsel with the Queen and in the company of the Atana heir as his his own son has become fast friends with Girim.

Sepan Grimmdhal

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