Remdalia Atana

A handsome woman of middling age, poised and regal with no grey yet showing in her hair. Yet in her blue eyes one notices the signs of fighting an embittered battle.


Neutral Good, Human, Female
5’4", 117 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes

Courtier 7/Emissary 3


Remdalia is the younger sister of Lord Selnus Browning. She was raised in the secure walls of Castle White Fork under the eyes of Dorkan Lorinsa and his wife. There she learned her courtly manners and interacted with courtiers from other lands. It is rumored that she had an affair with Malgrim Vindhal, the Arbiter of Sokar during these days, but the tales were later seen to be unfounded slander. However, it was Arbiter Malgrim that was instrumental in arranging the marriage of Remdalia to King Atana XXIV. In the year 640, she became his fourth wife and finally bore him an heir two years later. Such were the protents of the child’s birth that the priests of Pelor declared he would be a true and wise Atana, so great he would usher in a new era.

When Atana XXIV died, the Queen entered a period of morning for six months and most of the kingdom respected this period, the Church of the Righteous held midnight vigils for the Queen and the people as a whole felt the utmost sympathy for her. When she emerged with steel in her eyes after such a time and declared she would lead from the right of the throne until her son was of age, there was great rejoicing.

In the years that followed, things went well for Remdalia. She began fixing the river system, increased the pay and number of the Atana Magistrates and paid Sokar a large sum to work with Denisan’s machinists and develope a swifter boat to be used for trade. Many were happy with the progressive direction the kingdom was headed, but things soon ground to a halt when the famine hit Barenette…

Now the Queen fights on multiple fronts. She crosses words with Malgrim more often than sharing a smile with her old friend. The king’s uncle, Tenras Magara is a constant and disobedient thorn in her side and her people are starving. She does not see an end in sight, but she is determined to hold her power so that her son will rule as the Wise Atana he was meant to be.

Remdalia Atana

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