Maria Vindhal

A woman of incredibly beauty. Her dark hair and eyes give her an exotic quality one would expect of a native Sokar, rather than one born of the Magara. Steeped in jewels and finer, she moves with a grace unbecoming her background as a studend of The Art


CN Human Wizard 9/Courtier 3
5’7", 117lbs
Black Hair, Brown Eyes


Maria was born of Tenras Magara and his late wife, Meloudia. Though it is clear she has her father’s eyes and her mother’s smile, quietly many wonder where her incredible beauty came from. Some call it the work of sorcery, but many are content to only stare in awe. Growing up among her father’s men, Maria learned how manipulate forces beyond the normal comprehension of humans, growing up around her late mother’s handmaidens, she learned that manipulating forces much more common can have just as great an effect.
On her twelth birthday she was introduced to the man she was to marry, Malgrim Vindhal, the then very young Lord Arbiter of Sokar. Though he was a full ten years her senior, Malgrim has always appreared youthful, that together with his natural understanding of life and the people who wherein dwell (most specifically about how to control and manipulate them) he turned out to be the challenge Maria had hoped he would be.
Over the years they have been wed, the pair have protected their children and themselves from serval assassination attempts (as Malgrim has made many enemies) and are now seen as the true dominant force in Sokar. Few challenge them in any court they visit.

Maria Vindhal

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