Malifus Valta

An older gentleman, not quite infirm, but certainly far past his prime. His brown eyes show mischief tempered by compassion his lady lacks.


CG Human (Dorrissi) Fighter 6/Marine 3
5’10". 188lbs
Brown Eyes, Grey Hair


Malifus never liked his brother much. He put time and effort into their relationship, but it seemed that the two were doomed to be estranged. Gelam never had much of a head for common sense, and clearly Malifus, a scholar and a gentleman, didn’t have much time for frivolity. In his youth, Malifus served with the Blackwater, guarding the borders and rivers of Denisan. He fought Vofar and Zefas pirates alike and brought glory to the often unappreciated warrior tradition of his homeland.

However, as he was a likeable chap and handsome, and could seem to endure any hardship, it perhaps was always his fate to marry a Valta (it is said that this is the curse of all men who are too good to be true, that they must marry a woman who will dominate them). When Malifus met Teriza Valta, he was not impressed and neither was she. Each saw the other’s accomplishments as either tasteless and barbarous or simply insignificant. It would take many years and children between them for respect to finally grow.

After the Norgaard campaign, Teriza led the Valta in an assault on Ogrefell to slay the so-called Ogre King. During the conflict, Malifus was cut off from his guard and pressed into a corner by ogres. He prepared to sell his life, for he knew it was the end, but he saw his wife astride her horse still, calmly looking down at him in judgement. The steel in her manner asked the question so clearly, “Why do you relent?” that it need not be said. Inexplicably, with her silently watching him struggle, he was able to save himself.

Since then the two have had little to argue about, a manner of understanding reached.

Now in the later years of life, Malifus only wishes find marriages for his children and increase the land for the heir. He plans to finish out his days riding the Atana Plain with his wife for as long as they are able.

Malifus Valta

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