Malgrim Vindhal

A man of mature, but indeterminate age with canny steel-grey eyes and long black hair. He wears regal, red and black robes and bears the Vindhal crest as a tattoo on his left wrist.


LN Human (Vindhal) Rogue 6/Courtier 5
5’9", 156lbs
Grey Eyes, Black Hair


Malgrim is the trusted vassal of Sepan Grimmdahl, Lord of Sokar. He attained this position in the traditional way, by eliminating his predecessor. He has been the Arbiter of Sokar since he was a young man, now mature (though no one is certain how mature) he rules Sokar with a ruthless efficiency that has earned him the grudging respect of his native peers. Beyond Sokar, Malgrim is both respected and trusted, seen as the man who keeps the southerners in line. A regular visitor to the Wiseman’s Court, Malgrim has as yet to take a side in the current feuding between the Queen and Duke Tenras, though many secretly believe he will support the Queen, given enough time.

He is wed to the Maria, daughter of Tenras Magara, a sorceress of no small repute.

Malgrim Vindhal

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