Jonah Browning

With crisp blue eyes and shaggy blonde hair he has taken the traits of his parents and blended them well. Jonah is a handsome man, but not annoyingly so, and he is well liked where ever he goes.


LG Human, Ranger 3/Paladin 3
6’2", 200lbs
Blue Eyes, Blonde Hair


Born under an auspicious star Jonah was well looked after by the Fairfields and Lorinsa vassals of his parents. Taught how to work a field at a young age like all children of Barenette, Jonah was a strong and compassionate child who seemed to understand responsibility.

This ended as soon as he discovered girls.

He entered into a disappointing cycle of drinking and womanizing at the age of thirteen, just when it would be expected of him to show the Unified Kingdom that he could exemplify every virtue of his people. Even his Lord Father, Selnus the Bear, could not bring him to good sense. Barenette needs strong leaders to keep the people happy, they must lead by example as well. Jonah had become “corrupted” by noble living and had no interest in farming. The beautiful ladies of the Wiseman’s Court were enough to hold his attention.

It wasn’t until he ran afoul of the Speaker of Divine Law, Driasus Valta, head of the Church of Hieronius, that Jonah was given pause. The young man was having a tryst with the Speaker’s own niece and he found them together. Such was the older man’s words of contempt that Jonah was frightened into flight. When the matter was discussed with Lord Selnus it was determined that Jonah would serve the church until such time as he could learn proper respect.

An embarrassment that his pride could not withstand, Jonah caused no end to difficulties for himself while there, however slowly but surely as he drank less and did not have wine and women to flee to as he caused himself one trouble after another, he began to see his folly and repented. This, however much to the Speaker’s liking, was not enough. In order to gain the respect a son of a proper house was due, he would have to earn it through deed. So the Speaker sent Jonah on a quest in the name of Hieronius. For a year and a day he would travel, never drinking or knowing a woman’s touch until he found the hidden blade, Answerer and returned it to the Shrine of Gallantry high in the God’s Grin.

Jonah was tempted many times as he completed his journey, but that is another tale. When he returned he was infused with Hieronius’ righteousness and ordained as the Champion of Valor, a title that had sat empty for generations as no man had been worthy as he had been for over two-hundred years.

Jonah Browning

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