Itrasi Dorrissi

A sharply dressed man with a cocksure smile. He looks like the kind of man you want to punch in the face, but just can't afford to.


NE Human Rogue 9
5’7", 166lbs
Grey Eyes, Black Hair


A sprite in comparison to his father’s hale days, Itrasi is perhaps even more dangerous than his father, for he does not see everything as a game. He is very goal orientated and utterly ruthless, always watching others like a hawk, waiting for the moment they show weakness. Itrasi is a harsh negotiator, polite in word but ruthless in deed. He has many allies among the rich and noble and it is suspected that he may have ties to unsavory elements that live in the fringes of society. Just like his father, he can find anything for a price, but unlike Gelam he does not double cross for fun, but to eliminate.

Itrasi Dorrissi

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