Idalia Atana

An attractive, dark-haired lady of advancing years. She dresses modestly, which is a sharp contrast to her past.


CN Human (Atana) Rogue 4/Courtier 10
5’9", 126lbs, Blue Eyes, Black Hair


In her youth, Idalia Atana was the talk of the court. The king’s favorite sister, she could literally get away with anything. She spent many a night traipsing the city until the early morning hours, living freely. Her wit was a thing of legend, her suitors were an army unto themselves; there was no end to her own amusement. Eventually her brother forced her to marry a noble ship captain from Denisan, but this brave soul met a mysterious end. Ironically drowning in a small pool of water.

Idalia’s second husband met a similar fate, a man from Norgaard who was crushed by an avalanche. Many believed that her third husband would be Lord Malgrim Vindhal and he would likely die of poison, but the king did not order her to marry again. This left Idalia with two children by two different fathers and a body that was entering its thirties. A decade and many lovers would come and go before Atana XXIV bade her marry again, this time to a Browning by the name of Tessius, a knowledgable man with little skill for rough-housing.

They were a proper match, and it seemed that Idalia’s wild streak had finally left her as she was even polite to the man in public (which her other lovers and husbands could never claim). It seemed the two were more friends than husband and wife. Secretly there are some who, because of this, call Tessius’ sexual persuasion into question (behind his back of course).

For all the epic debachery of her past, it truly does seem that Idalia has come down to earth, prepared to endure the stoic life of an Atana noblewoman.

Idalia Atana

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