Girim Atana

A young child with honey colored hair and green eyes, the very image of his father Atana XXIV


CG Human (Atana) A six year old boy, he’s handsome as most children but it is clear he has a serious streak that is largely unbroken by curiosity of the world around him.


The child who will be Atana XXV is of course doted on by his mother, when there is time for him. Girim spends most of his time with Serefus Grimmdhal and his father Sepan, Lord of Sokar. They often go fishing or go about some other boy-like excursion. Serefus is just older than Girim by a year and never knew his mother, while Girim never knew his father. In this Sepan and the Queen give the boys parenting in their own way.

However, no one trusts Sepan with the children, not even his own. It is believed that the Lord of Sokar is good for one thing, poisoning minds and bodies. Malgrim Vindhal of course would stand for his lord, were such insults ever levied in public.

Girim Atana

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