Gelam Dorrissi

A kindly elder with a long beard and a glint in his one eye, the other covered by a patch.


CN Human (Dorrissi) Fighter 5/Swashbuckler 3/Courtier 7
5’8" (stooped from 6ft), 155lbs
White Hair, Black Eye (patch over the other)


Gelam has lived a long, fun-loving, cutthroat life of treachery. He is the only man alive in the realm that has every successfully murdered a man, then successfully made the victim’s family pay him for damages (his prized Norgaard cleaver gained a significant crack). Often on both sides of a conflict, Gelam has managed to keep from being destroyed by making his aid a coveted thing. He will supply you with weapons and food, but he might also supply it to your enemy. The question is who gained the higher-grade product.

Though, not all of his schemes have worked the way he would have wished. During the conflict between the Valta and Volsong, where Teriza Valta slew Heimgard Volsong, Gelam had sold Norgaard spears they could use to stop the horselord’s charge. These weapons proved to be inadequate to the task, costing the lives of many northmen, including their Lord. When the conflict resolved, Alrik Volsong met with Gelam and asked him if he could not see the poor work of such spears. When Gelam’s answer was not the Alrik’s liking, he cut the old man’s eye out, even in his own court, surrounded by the high guards of Denisan.

This setback has not slowed down Gelam, however. He has no fear of the Northmen, he knew the risks when he entered into business. An eye is acceptable, he has two of them. The Winter King lost his father, which cannot be replaced. This understanding has not improved the relations between the two, though.

In later years, Gelam become even more conniving, but much less vigorous. Nearing his end, he is looking for a final con before passing rule of the province over to his son, Itrasi Dorrissi.

Gelam Dorrissi

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