Delia Browning

A woman with, despite her best efforts, course blonde hair. In her youth she was nicknamed "Haybale". As an adult she looks more like a sunflower with her face tanned from working in the fields.


LG Human (Dorrissi) Courtier 5/Ranger 2
5’3", 112 lbs
Green Eyes, Blonde Hair (cut short, but still a messy tangle)


Delia was born of a smaller branch of the Dorrissi. Her Lord Father was a man with enterprising ambition, as many of the bloodline are, but his designs never took him as far as his elder brother’s would. Gelam Dorrissi saw in his niece an in-road to diplomacy. She had a bit of an earthy appearance and scraggly hair, but to his measuring she would fit in properly among the farmers of Barenette.

The old man drew up a plot to seed romance between the two youngsters, but before he even put his plans into motion, a chance meeting had done all his work for him. Selnus, the heir to Barenette had fallen into a confrontation with a Valta warrior over Delia. She had been working with the commoners, as her kind heart had often lead her to do, and when she asked for extra rations for the folk she was with, she was mistaken for a commoner herself. Selnus had been passing by, but the common look of the Browning didn’t betray his noble blood, so when he went to defend the lowfolk from the Valta’s berating, he too was treated like the filth on one’s boot. The Valta knight even went so far as to strike the maid.

It was in that moment, that the young Browning Lord earned his name as Selnus the Bear, striking the man down with the fury of nature.

The next day in court, the two met in their proper attire and were both surprised and pleased by the turn of events. Gelam Dorrissi capitalized on the situation and made certain they were wed in the following spring.

Since their marriage the two have worked tirelessly alongside their subjects to create an even more lush and beautiful Barenette for their children.

Delia Browning

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