Alrik Volsong

A man of uncharacteristically average height for a Lord of Norgaard. Alrik has dark hair and darker eyes, known as the Winter Shadow he leads his people in a dangerous and unorthadox manner.


CN Human, Rogue 6/Ranger 4
5’10", 180 lbs
Black hair, Brown Eyes


Born under a dark moon on a night with no clouds, A Fell Night as the Northmen call it, there are many who call the entirety of Norgaard’s poor position the fault of their current lord. The former Lord, Hiemgar was a man of brutish strength and great power on the field of battle; to this day there are few who would think of comparison between father and son to be fair. Alrik was a good son, however. He was attentive and capable, willing to sacrifice himself for Norgaard in it’s eternal struggle with the clutch of winter. Though his methods were not of the North, they were learned in other lands.
For most of his youth, Alrik lived in the south, in the lands of Sokar. Here he learned under the Devils of Black Bog for a time. The cause was treaty between Hiemgar Volsong and Sepan Grimmdhal; in exchange for Sokar builders, scouts and a share of their grain surplus Alrik would be the Tendhal’s guest until payment was recieved.
When he finally returned to Norgaard he was a grown man, seeing his own father only twice since he was six years old. Thrust into the fight for survival that is Norgaard, he found he adapted quickly, as Blackbog and the snows are close in their lethality. He met a beautiful shieldmaiden, Luinlashal in his travels across the snowdrifts, a warrior of the Blitzin and chose to marry her.
At this point, Alrik’s life was a balance between battle, love and gaining the trust of the northmen. None of these things were easy for him, but it all became so much the worse when his father insulted Teriza Valta, bringing another front to Norgaard’s constant battle. Alrik stood by his father and tried to aid him during the fight, but Hiemgar rebuked him, claiming that man stands and dies on his own feet, not on the back of another. And so Hiemgar met his end, nearly split in half by The Red Divide. Alrik attempted to take vengeance but the Valta lady rode off on her horse. Now surrounded by cavalry and being pincered in he had no choice but to call for a retreat, and a greater sacrifice to make, for only his love, Luinlashal Blitzin had the talent and spirit to hold a line against the Valta. Losing his wife and his father, but saving his people, Alrik is still enraged by that day.
Since then, the Lord of Norgaard has accomplished three key things. Firstly, he gathered a group of those loyal to him and slaughtered the Valta bannermen left behind to occupy part of Norgaard. With that insult dealt with, he moved on to Gelam Dorrissi, whom his father had entered into business with to gain special spears that would defeat a Valta charge. For the failure of these weapons, he claimed the Lord of Denisan’s eye. Lastly, he has largely turned away from the South, focusing on his people so that he might gain their trust and save them from a famine winter.

Alrik Volsong

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