• Alrik Volsong

    Alrik Volsong

    A man of uncharacteristically average height for a Lord of Norgaard. Alrik has dark hair and darker eyes, known as the Winter Shadow he leads his people in a dangerous and unorthadox manner.
  • Delia Browning

    Delia Browning

    A woman with, despite her best efforts, course blonde hair. In her youth she was nicknamed "Haybale". As an adult she looks more like a sunflower with her face tanned from working in the fields.
  • Driasus Valta

    Driasus Valta

    An old man that carries with him the sort of serene confidence one sees in a true veteran.
  • Eoran Magara

    Eoran Magara

    An old man who is prone to wearing lots of brown. He stinks of exotic herbs and old man sweat, but don't challenge him to trivia...
  • Gelam Dorrissi

    Gelam Dorrissi

    A kindly elder with a long beard and a glint in his one eye, the other covered by a patch.
  • Girim Atana

    Girim Atana

    A young child with honey colored hair and green eyes, the very image of his father Atana XXIV
  • Gwenlaith Grimmdhal

    Gwenlaith Grimmdhal

    Younger sister of Alrik, she was given in trust to the Lord of Sokar as well. She is a tall northerner with red hair and blue eyes, but was often plagued by sickness..
  • Hiemgar Volsong

    Hiemgar Volsong

    Son of Imgral, Father of Alrik. He fell in battle to Teriza Valta, nearly split in two by The Red Divide.
  • Idalia Atana

    Idalia Atana

    An attractive, dark-haired lady of advancing years. She dresses modestly, which is a sharp contrast to her past.
  • Itrasi Dorrissi

    Itrasi Dorrissi

    A sharply dressed man with a cocksure smile. He looks like the kind of man you want to punch in the face, but just can't afford to.
  • Jonah Browning

    Jonah Browning

    With crisp blue eyes and shaggy blonde hair he has taken the traits of his parents and blended them well. Jonah is a handsome man, but not annoyingly so, and he is well liked where ever he goes.
  • Luinlashal Blitzin

    Luinlashal Blitzin

    A fair-haired shieldmaiden of the Blitzin, wife of Alrik Volsong. She fell in battle holding the line against the charge of the Valta Cavalry.
  • Malgrim Vindhal

    Malgrim Vindhal

    A man of mature, but indeterminate age with canny steel-grey eyes and long black hair. He wears regal, red and black robes and bears the Vindhal crest as a tattoo on his left wrist.
  • Malifus Valta

    Malifus Valta

    An older gentleman, not quite infirm, but certainly far past his prime. His brown eyes show mischief tempered by compassion his lady lacks.
  • Maria Vindhal

    Maria Vindhal

    A woman of incredibly beauty. Her dark hair and eyes give her an exotic quality one would expect of a native Sokar, rather than one born of the Magara. Steeped in jewels and finer, she moves with a grace unbecoming her background as a studend of The Art
  • Milika Magara

    Milika Magara

    A woman of barely thirty years with wide blue eyes and honey colored hair. Once known as the Jewel of the Iron.
  • Rakard Valta

    Rakard Valta

    A middle aged career soldier. His hair is cut short with flecks of grey showing but to stare into his eyes shows you a man who is far from becoming derelict.
  • Remdalia Atana

    Remdalia Atana

    A handsome woman of middling age, poised and regal with no grey yet showing in her hair. Yet in her blue eyes one notices the signs of fighting an embittered battle.
  • Selnus Browning

    Selnus Browning

    A large man with streaks of grey in his beard. He is both wise and kind, with the respect of many. To others he is known as "Selnus the Bear."
  • Sepan Grimmdhal

    Sepan Grimmdhal

    No one is certain what Sepan Grimmdhal really looks like, but the Wiseman's Court accepts the pale skinned and lithe figure with soft brown eyes that arrives with Sokar's heraldry from time to time.
  • Tenras Magara

    Tenras Magara

    An older man with hawkish features and a stern demeanor.
  • Teriza Valta

    Teriza Valta

    An elderly woman with cool blue eyes and a regal, serene face. She wears man's clothing, still treading in soldier's boots after all this time.
  • Tessius Atana

    Tessius Atana

    Bookish man in his mid thirties. He has short, well-kept, bark-brown hair and woodland green eyes, betraying his Browning blood.